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On-screen advertising gives you unparalleled access to a large, captive audience with demographics other advertising formats cannot begin to match. On-Screen advertising gives you unparalleled access to a large, highly captive audience which other advertising formats can't begin to match. Advertising at our exclusive theatres in Kerala allows  more>>


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Our Advantages & Exclusive Featuresadvertise on big screen | get big result

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    100% Real Quality

    Experience the Same High Movie Quality for your Advertisement

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    Prompt Service

    Quick and responsive service to exhibit your Advertisement on Movie theatre.

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    Wide Area Coverage

    Instantly Display your Advertisement all over Kerala and India


Our ServicesRaise efficiency, cut downtime, and keep your projects on time



Cinema Advertisement

Exhibit your advertisement on Cinema Theatre all over Kerala, we can offer the same quality of Movie for your Advertisement. we can instantly release your advertisement all over kerala and India.


Radio Advertisement

Radio is the common and easy medium to spread your aads on a whole mass people. we can play Your Aads on most of the FM channels in Kerala .



Aad Film Making

Create 3D and Movie Adfilm for your Business, to express what you want to speak to the world.


Branding and Trademark

We can provide Logo Designing and Trademark registration for our clients